Suli Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Albania is a country blessed by the nature with more than 300 days of sun per year, fertile soil, mountains water and two sea-s. But still producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil it’s not cheap. In producing our olive oil we use only Kalinjot variety grown in the hills of Himara, close to the Jonian sea. Each olive fruit is hand-picked from the trees using only mechanical processes. In order to produce our distinct oil we select the olives before becoming ripped. From 100 kg hand-picked olive oils we produce 16L of Suli Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Suli Extra Vergin Olive Oil is obtained with the direct impact of the typical Mediterranean climate inthe Albanian Riviera; The long days under the southern sun; Rough and dry soil; Mountain spring water; The salty fragrance of the Ionian Sea and above all Human Love and Passion.