Our Secrets

Suli Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from one of the most beautiful and ancient plants around: the olive tree. Olive trees can live for thousands of years and are extremely hardy plants. They are notoriously slow growers and need to grow for several years before they produce any fruit. Sometime Papu’s (old men in Himara) tell their nephews the story transmitted for generations how our olive trees were planted more than 100 years before.

Although we are proud of our premium olives; distinct location and state of the art technology, there is still one thing that we depend on: The Human Factor. The first step in making Extra Virgin Olive Oil is to pick the olives.
In Albania, harvest season starts in September and ends in December. Our workers day of picking the olives starts at sunrise until midday. Within 8 hours the olives are carefully transported to the grinding factory. Our workers are meticulous in their daily routine in order to produce Suli superior brand.

We take care of every detail so that you can enjoy our oil. Olive oil must be protected from external factors. As time passes and exposure to these factors increases, the product begins to lose its properties and even increase its oxidation or rancidification process. That is why our packaging par excellence is the olive oil glass bottle. The dark glass allows to protect the olive oil from any exposure to light and in addition, the glass preserves all the properties of the product.